Ruth Kasckow, licensed Andover Educator teaches private body mapping lessons, workshops and the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body.”

 Ruth's teaching speaks directly to musicians who are having physical problems, as well as to those who are looking for ways to enhance their musical performance. As a Licensed Andover Educator, and influenced by her ongoing studies of the Alexander Technique, Pilates, and Feldenkrais, Ruth believes in a holistic approach that includes practical anatomy, movement education, self-awareness, mindful practicing, and support and care from health care professionals. Because of her first hand experience with her own playing-related injury and road to recovery, she is passionate about helping others find their own path to playing and singing, not only without pain and injuries, but also in a way that releases their expressive musical potential.

How can you study with Ruth?

  • Take private lessons

  • Sign up for the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body”

  • Sign up for customized workshops, presentations or master classes

Private Lessons Ruth teaches private Body Mapping lessons to all musicians who are looking for a way to get past physical limitations, who are looking to improve their movement, and to learn how to play without pain and injury. Students learn how the body is put together and designed to move by accurately mapping how and where movement occurs and making changes to improve playing and alleviate pain. An initial series of at least three lessons is recommended to get started. Contact Ruth for more information. 

The course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body"  This is the course that all Andover Educators are trained to teach that covers all the information needed to use Body Mapping as a technique to understand how to move well to play well as a musician. It applies to all musicians. The course is six hours long and covers movement, senses, and inclusive awareness; sitting and standing in balance; arms and movement; the structure and movement of breathing; the legs in playing/singing; and practical application/master class. Classes will be listed in Events. More information can be found on

Workshops and Master Classes Customized workshops and master classes are available for groups of any size, any instruments, and vocalists. Workshops can be instrument-specific or focused on a particular area of Body Mapping. Examples of workshops are Balance, Breathing and Arms, Body Mapping for Flutists (or other specific instruments), Teachers: Teach Your Students Body Mapping, Collaboration for Music Wellness, Introduction to Body Mapping, and How Body Mapping Enhances Performance and Prevents Injury. Body Mapping Master Classes are very effective as part of a Body Mapping workshop. Students learn about Body Mapping and then learn the practical application while experiencing and observing the significant changes that happen.

What are the benefits of Body Mapping?

  • Ease and comfort in your playing and singing

  • Improved technical facility and expressive capability

  • Increased breath capacity

  • Relief of tension and limitations

  • Prevention of pain and injury

What do you learn in Body Mapping?

  • How to clear up misconceptions about the body

  • Accurate, clear information about the body relevant to musicians’ needs

  • How to move according to how your body is designed to move with freedom and joy

  • How to "get out of your own way" so you can play how you want to play

More Resources

What is Body Mapping?

It is a kind of movement education that promotes ease and comfort to improve performance and reduce tension, pain, and injury. Because many musicians have misconceptions about how the body is designed to move, movement can become limited, awkward, and distorted, resulting in tension, pain and injury. All of this can be alleviated when one knows how the body is actually designed to move. Body Mapping gives clear, concise, and accurate information that educates and empowers the musician to move well for optimal performance.

Check out two articles Ruth wrote that appeared in The Overture, the Local 47 (Los Angeles Music Union) monthly newsletter. Body Mapping:Reduce Injury and Improve Performance by Changing Your Mind’s Perception and  Body Mapping:How to Improve the Quality of your Movement in Your Playing and Singing .   

Check out two articles Ruth wrote published in The California Music Teacher journal of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC). Start Teaching Your Students Body Mapping, Music Wellness and Enhanced Performance: What Every Teacher Should Know About Body Mapping.

Check out the article Ruth wrote published in CAPMT Connect Summer/Fall 2018 Vol. 3, Number 3 The Music Teacher’s Introduction to Body Mapping

Ruth's Body Mapping Presentations, Workshops, and Experience

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