Ruth offers expert flute instruction that emphasizes musical growth, flute mastery and appreciation for music.

Ruth Kasckow, flutist and flute teacher delights in sharing her passion for flute with her students. Ruth feels each lesson is a unique opportunity for growth, mastery and lasting appreciation for flute and music. Having taught for 30+ years, Ruth knows how to teach all ages and levels of students to give them the tools to be successful. Her lessons emphasize proper technique and musical expression in a supportive, positive environment. Her teaching prepares students to play confidently in school bands, orchestras, competitions, MTAC Certificate of Merit program, and recitals. 

Ruth knows that the best learning happens in a relaxed, happy environment. She also knows that each student is an individual and has his or her own learning style. Ruth listens and responds to each individual student to provide the best possible teaching that works for the student. Ruth is a Certified Suzuki Flute Teacher and is also trained in Body Mapping for Musicians to observe and correct students’ body usage and movement so students can play with more ease and less tension.


What are the benefits of flute lessons with Ruth?

  • Thirty+ years of teaching experience

  • Ability to understand each individual's learning style and provide the best instruction

  • Ability to work with students of different ages and levels

  • Positive and encouraging environment that promotes learning

  • Professional musician who performs regularly

  • Many opportunities for growth available for students: recitals, workshops, MTAC Certificate of Merit, SYMF Competition

What do you learn in flute lessons?

  • Tone production

  • Proper breathing

  • Fluid technique

  • Musical expressiveness

  • How to practice effectively

  • Repertoire, scales, and exercises

Who should study flute with Ruth?

  • Parents looking for a flute teacher for your son or daughter

  • Adults who wants to take up flute or start again after a break

  • Flutists who are looking for extra instruction with an emphasis on Body Mapping

Ruth’s students have the opportunity to participate in the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit (CM) program and compete in SYMF during the summer. Her students perform in their school’s bands and orchestras, community groups, and enter festivals as well as perform in recitals, and outreach and community events. Many of her students continue music studies in colleges and universities.

Ruth also teaches group lessons, coaches flute and woodwind ensembles, coaches flutists who are preparing for performances, conducts flute choirs, and teaches Body Mapping.  Ruth also teaches Suzuki Flute Method for the younger child. 

Ruth currently teaches at her studio in the Pasadena area, and accepts motivated students of all ages and levels. Her studio is conveniently located near La Canada, La Crescenta, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles. She also teaches at La Canada School of Music in La Canada and is a faculty member at  Pasadena Suzuki Music Program

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Holiday Recital at Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse on Sunday, December 10. Flute students of Ruth Kasckow and violin students of Louise Brown.